littlesunbeam + sweatymess

by Goodnight, St. Idiot

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kinghiro "More hands for worms please", but first give this guy a HIGH amount of nickels for this exceptional project Favorite track: Push&Pull.
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holly possibly even better than his last EP. each song is so different from the last, and yet there's some sort of steely-thin thread holding it together making it all work as a cohesive unit. each song is a little work of art. do yourself a favour. Favorite track: At the Hurly Burly, Some Kind of Pretty Dream.
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/ over the course of the year / I managed / to turn my body into CGI / long and no less arduous / & with the help of my friends / I HAVE transubstantiated / limited set of character animations / I mismatch objects with actions / I have shed the many pieces of myself, like bandages / slowly discarded them / much more in phase with my being / questions / do I sound like my body? / do I look like my voice? / how did I perform myself?


released August 22, 2016

featuring Alex Tanasychuk on saxophone,

& the voices of my good friends Simon Mizera, Trina Bloemen, Simone Kousol-Graham, Courtney Turner, Josh Bookhalter, David Pollock, Doug Parth, Phil Murphy, Rory Mac Millan, Steven Boehm, Holly Pickering, and Justis Allard-Hagan, at the end, the beginning, and the end again.

Special thanks to Doug Parth, Steven Boehm, Josh Bookhalter and David Pollock for frequent mixing and mastering feedback & consultation, and to Simone Kousol-Graham for the artwork. Thank you to everyone who continues to send me very nice thoughts when they can, and when I need it most. Lastly, thank you to my mama and papa for letting me eat their food and shit on their carpet every once in a while.

St. Idiot on keys, drums, guitar, bass, and some passing thoughts.



all rights reserved


Goodnight, St. Idiot Edmonton, Alberta

I write. I make sounds. Sometimes I write about sounds, and sometimes I sound out my writing.

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Track Name: Push&Pull
hot lick burn out traffic drags the night by the throat rupture they don't like to look pretty or put on their seatbelts dashboard sledgehammer function dead engines beggin' of how it glitching Goliath are you receiving?

these things can be so funny when they're just words on a page
but dark are the somersaults committed on empty stages

my kingdom of sound is a junkyard the beat drops compactor style you're in a sea of sounds thawing toilets applauding the blase and boring

i'm an accidental masterpiece moment teller with cut and paste mentality cut to the chase brutality down down to universe B spiritual supermarket broken meats right strange dimension mugging backalley demons for wisdom and your blood hits you red this is the sound of your eyes rolling back into your head

praying to broken microchips whitecaps in my stomach easy does it generators throbbing clotted milk moments chainlink fences rattling suspension bridge cable guitar snapping suspension bridge cable stomach tangling

my kingdom of sound is a junkyard
Track Name: My Stillness
a maudlin farewell is what we gave
some of the things we say we carry with us to the grave

father lost direction, driver outbound
I see pavement lines & iridescent sclera
five empty seats in a van for six
and none of this is my stillness

the rushing winds of slamming doors
the throbbing beats under the boards
estrange all your friends

I cope with the promise of explosion
under the pressure of internal weather systems
father is not my stillness

father lost direction, driver outbound
I see pavement lines & iridescent sclera
I'll talk to you if you talk to me
if you find me in my stillness
Track Name: At the Hurly Burly, Some Kind of Pretty Dream
smoky eyes
sun smiles
split sides
dry grass
on hill sides
setting out
flying high


apartment blocks
at dusk
at the hurly burly
some kind of
pretty dream?
Track Name: I'm Asking For A Friend,
Track Name: Oily Shadows
feels like I've been beside myself
feels like I stood next to my body
and looked down on myself
feels like oily shadows whisper
feels like they all want me to help

there is a hole at the back of my head
there is a voice speaking into it
to which I might be a thistle in the wind
there is a finger that's pulling a string
there is a chance we might all soon be DEAD

the sphinx has won
things fall apart
while i dream
of heaven

the end is the beginning is the end

I see that you might doubt me now
I see your suspicion weighing down on your brow
I see the tide that's come to sweep us clean
I see the way you've been looking at me

oh, I wasn't made messiah by choice
but I'm gonna see to it that it ends
the way I thought I'd always see it end
I hope in the end you're still with me on this